COVID-19 Resources

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and the continuing impact on both public health and economic activity and policy, agricultural producers face a wide range of issues (as do so many others). There are also a number of existing programs and recently implemented policies and programs that may be relevant to address and manage through the current situation. The following list links to known resources that can provide more information to producers and may be valuable to educators working with producers.

USDA Materials and Resources

University Ag Economics/Ag Law/Farm Management Webinars and Resources

  • University of Illinois Farmdoc webinar series
  • Kansas State University AgManager webinar series
  • University of Nebraska Farm and Ranch Management webinar seriesand webpage
  • University of Wisconsin Farm Management resource webpageand Extension resource webpage
  • National Agricultural Law Center (University of Arkansas) COVID-19 Resource Library webpage

Federal, Regional, and University Safety and Health Materials and Resources

  • CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health Centers for Agricultural Safety and Health website
  • Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health website and COVID-19 Resources for Ag Communities publication
  • Upper Midwest Agricultural Safety and Health Center website and COVID-19 Resources
  • University of Nebraska Medical Center Rural Health Initiatives Rural Health & COVID-19 webpage

Other Organization Materials and Resources

  • Farmers Legal Action Group (FLAG) Farmers' Guide to COVID-19 Relief webpage and document
  • AgriSafe Network website and COVID-19 webinars and resources webpage
  This is a list of known resources currently available. If you know of other resources and links that would be valuable to share, please contact us at or