Success and Legacy Stories

The North Central Extension Risk Management Education Center has learned of many very successful projects over the years from every state in the region. We are in the process of writing short, impact summaries of many of these projects to use in a variety of ways. This is a continuous work in process as we continue to get final reports of completed projects. We will use these project reports/success stories to present to our congressional representatives, Extension administration, for exhibits, and other uses. Our goal is to have at least one story linked on this page for every project in the region. Keep checking back as these items are completed. Project Directors are welcome to use these impact summaries/success stories to tell their own project stories!


Rhea Success Story 2015 Project

Hambleton Success Story 2017 Project

Rhea Success Story 2017 Project

Schnitkey Success Story 2017 Project

2016 Outstanding Project – The Land Connection-Krieger Success Story 2016 Project


Heckaman Success Story 2013 Project

Thompson Success Story 2017 Project


Tranel  Success Story 2014 Project 

Bentley Success Story 2015 Project

Tranel/Bentley Success Story 2015 Project

Bentley Success Story 2017 Project

Schultz Success Story 2017 Project

Legacy Project – Annie’s Project


Dhuyvetter Success Story 2014 Project

Ibendahl Success Story 2017 Project


Skelly Success Story 2013 Project

Ranger Success Story 2015 Project


Hulinsky Success Story 2017 Leadership Project

Hulinsky Success Story 2017 Financial Project

Mahnken Success Story 2016



Vyhnalek Success Story 2012 Project

Soll Success Story 2013 Project

Jenkins/Johnston Success Story 2016 Project                                                                                                    

Jansen/Vyhnalek Success Story 2017 Project

Soll Success Story 2017 Project

2017 Outstanding Project – Jansen/Vyhnalek Project

North Dakota


Woodruff Success Story 2012 Project

South Dakota

Elliott Success Story 2017 Project


Kirkpatrick Success Story 2017 Project










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